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Who We Are
We are a small guild of casual gamers, but we're looking for our numbers to grow.  We are not kids living in mom's basement playing 30+ hours per week.  We are busy people who enjoy gaming without it turning into a job.

Who We're Looking For
We're looking for other players to join our ranks who have a similar approach to online gaming.  If you're the kind of guy that likes to spend 9-10 hours a day playing TOR, that's fine, but we probably aren't a good fit for you.  If you want to hop on a couple hours in the evening, and have something to do and competent people to group with, then I'm glad you found us, because we're interested in having you join.

  • Level Requirement:  We don't really have one.  Obviously content in TOR is restricted based on levels, and for that reason it's great to have lots of players in the 40-50 range.  However, we welcome lower level players to get familiar with us, and let us get familiar with you.  We'll never turn someone down because they're "too low."
  • Maturity:  We want to guild with and group with mature players.  That doesn't mean that there are no dick and fart jokes in guild chat (quite the opposite honestly).  However, we don't want to be associated with people making an ass out of themselves daily in general chat.  Also, we want people who are grown up enough to understand that we don't always do the zone you want, and you need to be able to share when it comes to things like loot.  Selfishness is not what we're looking for.  Also, guildchat is rated R so if you're under 18 don't tell your mom the sick shit that we say.
  • Thick Skin:  No, I don't mean fat people (although nobody knows if you're fat).  But you should be able to take a joke.  We will talk about your mom, sister, wife (although you'll end up in time out), girlfriend, kid, grandma, etc.  We're kidding.  If you're quick witted and think of a good comeback, we'll like you even more.  We'll also tell you that you suck, picked a shitty class, spec'd wrong, etc.  Also kidding.  If you suck that bad, we'll just kick you out.

Application Process
See the first sentence in "Level Requirement" above.  If you want to join us, even on a trial basis, just let an officer know.  We recently had a lot of 50's leave for another guild (they played too much for us anyway) so our numbers have dwindled a bit the past week or so.  Current officers are myself (Anhur), Vona, and Shadowskorn.  Please send someone a tell or mail in game, or just post on the forums here and we'll keep an eye out for you.  We might ask you some bullshit questions just to screw with you, but you won't be graded.  Promise.

Guild News

Actively Recruiting

Anhur, Feb 3, 12 10:55 AM.
With the departure of several level 50 members, we're actively recruiting new members of all levels who fit the profile listed in the welcome section.  Please be patient while we try to regrow our numbers and let some lower level characters level up.
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